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Ep. 8 – Guess Who’s Back (with some baby weight)

It’s been a long time since my last podcast. A lot has happened. My wife and I adopted a new baby girl. Our daughter doesn’t sleep, and fatigue is a real problem. This is our “new normal.”

The life changes, business changes, and responsibilities of being a parent (first) and a business owner forced me to prioritize my life. And, the podcast had to take a little hiatus.

But, I’m back.

Ep 6.5 – What Small Law Firms Can Learn From the Trump Whitehouse

This post is not meant to be political in nature. But, the Trump administration has a problem keeping employees. What can we learn from the Trump Whitehouse? Is personal loyalty enough to built and maintain a successful law practice?

Short Answer: NO.

Ep 7- Practicing Law Sucks Sometimes

Some days are great! Some days suck!

Owning your own law practice has many days that are wonderful. Being your own boss and reaping the rewards of your successful law practice are worthwhile benefits.

But sometimes, it just sucks. Sometimes, the practice law can be draining. This is why our profession has some of the worst rates of addiction, depression and anxiety. And frankly, I think these statistics are underreported.

This episode is about one of my crappy days and some of the ways I try to break out of the funk.

Ep 5- This Dude Started a Non Profit Out of Law School (w/ MacKenzie Dunham)

When I got out of law school, I wanted to make money. In fact, the student loan people that started chasing me pretty much told me I HAD TO make money.

MacKenzie Dunham, however, decided to start a non-profit that offers affordable legal services to those who do not qualify for legal aid.

In this episode, we discuss his motivation to serve an under-served segment of the community, ways he has kept his costs down, providing efficient legal services, and how they set their legal fees.If you are setting up a family law practice, immigration practice, criminal defense practice, or estate planning practice, the tips shared by MacKenzie are invaluable.

For more information, check out his website: 

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Ep 3- Delegating Tasks to Grow Your Firm (conversation with Matt Starosciak)

Look at your day-to-day activities. How much of your time is spent doing law work? How much of your time is spent doing administrative tasks? Can you delegate some tasks to someone who can do those tasks for $10 to $20 per hour? Is it something you hate to do anyway?

In this episode, I have a continued conversation with Matt Starosciak (see Episode 2) of In our conversation, we discuss ways to evaluate your day and determine if and when certain tasks can be delegated.

Ep 1 – Self Awareness is the Key to Success

Self awareness is the key to success. You must know your own strengths and weaknesses as well as your interests. Doing a personal audit can you help guide your firm toward your goals.

If you take the time each year, each quarter, or even each month, to look at where you are in relation to where you want to go, it will help you make healthy decisions for your law firm.

“If you’re walking East looking for a sunset, you have a bad plan.”

Making a plan for your law firm will help you stay true to who you want to be and who you want to serve. If something pops up that does not fit within the parameters of your plan or will be a distraction from your goals, you can identify the distractions and eliminate them.

I hope you enjoy Episode 1. I promise to work hard to improve these podcasts.

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